A Timeline And Archive of Abortion Access in New Brunswick


Our timeline of access in New Brunswick begins just before the 1969 amendments to the Canadian Criminal Code. These amendments partially decriminalized abortion in the country and set off a series of events that changed the abortion landscape in the province and across the country. This timeline aims to show what access has looked like for New Brunswickers, provide a sense of the major players and the rise of both pro- and anti-abortion movements over time. Our thanks to the Public Archives of New Brunswick (PANB) for the archival sources, and to members of Reproductive Justice NB for access to their personal files.



Authors: Christine Hughes, MA et Cady Dreger

Under the supervision of: Karen Pearlston, PhD et Jessi Taylor, PhD

Designer: Courtney Pyrke, MLS


Special thank you to: New Brunswick Provincial Archives Staff, UNB Archives Staff, Indigo Poirier, Mandi Parsons, Mad McDaniel, Sarah Rodimon, Dinelli Consultants, Clinic 554, and RJNB

Jan 1967

Federal Government Considers Amending the Federal Abortion Law

1967   The Liberal federal government, under the leadership of Canada’s 16th Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, convened a committee to explore the possibility of amending the Canadian Criminal Code..Read More

May 1969

Partial Decriminalization of Abortion

May 14, 1969    P.E. Trudeau’s Liberal government passed the Criminal Law Amendment Act. The bill amended the Criminal Code by partially decriminalizing abortion, along with homosexuality, and birth control...Read More

Oct 1970

General Election, Richard Hatfield, Progressive Conservative, Elected the 26th Premier until 1987

October 26, 1970   Richard Hatfield, Conservative leader was elected Premier and served from 1970-1987. He opposed abortion and actively sought to prevent Dr. Morgentaler from opening a freestanding clinic..Read More

Nov 1970

New Brunswick Association of Registered Nurses Receives Legal Opinion on Abortion

  November 6, 1970   In a document described as a “legal opinion” prepared for the New Brunswick Association of Registered Nurses (NBARN) the unnamed authors argued that the TAC..Read More

Jan 1971

Moncton Hospital Creates Therapeutic Abortion Committee (TAC)

  January 8, 1971    The first reference to the creation of a Therapeutic Abortion Committee (TAC) at the Moncton Hospital appeared in their January 8, 1971 by-law amendment, which..Read More

Jan 1972

Family Planning Clinic Opens in Hôtel Dieu Hospital, Edmundston

1972   After the Hôtel Dieu Hospital Board refused to set up a Therapeutic Abortion Committee (TAC) on religious grounds, Planned Parenthood New Brunswick (PPNB) set up the province’s only..Read More

Nov 1974

Founding of the Canadian Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Laws (CARAL)

November 1974   The Canadian Association for the Repeal of the Abortion Laws (CARAL) was founded by pro-choice feminists including Norma Scarborough, June Callword, Kay Macpherson, Lorna Grant, Eleanor Wright..Read More

Sep 1975

Commission of the Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law

September 29, 1975   Commissioned by Privy Council on September 29, 1975, the Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law was chaired by medical sociologist Dr. Robin Badgley. The..Read More

Dec 1975

Creation of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women

December 17, 1975   The Hatfield Conservative government passed the Council on the Status of Women Act, which created a bilingual body “for study and consultation” to advise the government..Read More

Jan 1977

Creation of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women Presentation of the “Report of the Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law”

January 1977   The final report of the Committee on the Operation of the Abortion Law was presented to the federal government in January 1977. The report is frequently referred..Read More

Apr 1982

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms becomes part of Canada’s Constitution

April 17, 1982   The Charter altered the political discourse in Canada on a wide variety of subjects. It also provided the foundation for Dr. Morgentaler’s successful 1988 challenge to..Read More

Jul 1982

Moncton Hospital Stops Performing Abortions for Six Months

July 1, 1982    On July 1, 1982, the Moncton Hospital’s OBGYN Department issued a public announcement that they would be discontinuing abortion services for a period of six months..Read More

Sep 1982

Dr. Everett Chalmers Writes to New Brunswick Right to Life Association

September 28th, 1982 Birthright is a Catholic anti-abortion organization that was founded in Toronto in 1968. Dr. Everett Chalmers, for whom Fredericton’s main hospital is named, was a member of..Read More

Jan 1983

New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women Issues Opinion on Suggestion of Abortion Referendum

January 7, 1983   Madeline LeBlanc, chairperson of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women gave an interview to the Telegraph Journal in which she announced the..Read More

Jan 1983

Abortions Officially Resumed at the Moncton Hospital

January 14, 1983   After six months – during which public discussion about abortion provision reached new heights – the Moncton Hospital officially resumed abortion services.     Click the..Read More

Feb 1983

Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) forms Moncton Chapter

February 3rd, 1983   Following the six-month shutdown of abortion services at the Moncton Hospital, pro-choice advocates in the province saw the need for an organized opposition to the New..Read More

Apr 1984

Federal Government Passes Bill C-6: The Canada Health Act

April 17, 1984 The Canada Health Act (CHA) was introduced in 1983 in response to the report of Justice Emmett Hall, which stated that “extra-billing by doctors and user fees..Read More

Sep 1984

Federal election, Brian Mulroney, Progressive Conservative, Elected 18th Prime Minister of Canada

September 4, 1984   Brian Mulroney, Progressive Conservative Leader elected Prime Minister, served from 1984-1993. Mulroney was Prime Minister when the Supreme Court declared s. 251 of the Criminal Code..Read More

Apr 1985

Dr. Henry Morgentaler Offers to Open Clinic in New Brunswick

April 19th, 1985   Dr. Morgentaler wrote to the New Brunswick Minister of Health, Charles G. Gallagher, to propose a pilot project to open a Medicare funded abortion clinic in..Read More

Jun 1985

New Brunswick Statute Makes it an Offence to Perform an Abortion Outside of an Approved Hospital

June 27, 1985   Shortly after Dr. Morgentaler sent a letter to the province offering to collaborate with the province to open a clinic to address the need for abortions,..Read More

Mar 1987

Five Hospitals Reported to Provide Abortions in the Province. Call Issued to Improve Access for the North

March 20, 1987 According to an article in the Daily Gleaner, five hospitals provided abortions at the beginning of 1987: Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton, Moncton City Hospital, the..Read More

Oct 1987

Liberal Premier McKenna Resigns, Ray Frenette Appointed 28th Premier

October 13, 1987 When Frank McKenna resigned, interim Liberal party leader Raymond Frenette was appointed the 28th Premier and served from October 14, 1997 until May 14, 1998.   Click..Read More

Jan 1988

Supreme Court of Canada issues Decision on R v Morgentaler

January 28, 1988 The Supreme Court of Canada struck down s. 251 of the Criminal Code, which had been in place since 1969. The majority of the Court held that..Read More

Feb 1988

Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital Pauses Therapeutic Abortion Committee (TAC) While Awaiting Provincial Policy

February 10, 1988 In response to the Supreme Court decision in R v Morgentaler, the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital (DECH) in Fredericton decided to pause its Therapeutic Abortion Committee (TAC)...Read More

Feb 1988

Frank McKenna Announces New Abortion Policy in New Brunswick

February 12th, 1988   After the Supreme Court struck down s 251 of the Criminal Code, Premier McKenna called on the federal government to regulate abortion nationally, but that did..Read More

Feb 1988

Premier Frank McKenna Announces New Abortion Policy in New Brunswick

February 12th, 1988   Following the Supreme Court’s strike down of the 1969 Abortion Law, Premier Frank McKenna attempted to call on the federal government to regulate abortion nationally. It..Read More

Feb 1988

Premier Frank McKenna Promises Holocaust Survivor, Dr. Morgentaler, the “Fight of His Life”

February 17, 1988   During a press conference held after a two-day government caucus, Premier McKenna responded to the idea that Dr. Morgentaler might open a freestanding abortion clinic in..Read More

Feb 1988

New Brunswick Advisory Council on Status of Women Opposes McKenna’s Planned Abortion Policy

February 18, 1988 The New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women (NB ACSW) issued a press release in response to Premier McKenna’s policy on abortion. They argued that..Read More

Feb 1988

Registrar of the New Brunswick College of Physicians and Surgeons Issues Memorandum to Members Regarding “The Abortion Controversy”

February 22nd, 1988   Dr. Victor D. McLaughlin, Registrar of the New Brunswick College of Physicians and Surgeons issued a memorandum on abortion entitled “Regarding the Abortion Controversy” to College..Read More

Mar 1988

CARAL Launches Letter Writing Campaign

March 7, 1988   After the Supreme Court decision in R v Morgentaler (1988), Prime Minister Brian Mulroney indicated that his government would enact new abortion legislation. Dr. Morgentaler and..Read More

Apr 1988

Anti-Abortion Rally Held at Provincial Legislature in Fredericton

April 3, 1988   The anti-abortion organization New Brunswick Right to Life Association (NBRTLA) organized a rally in front of the Legislature in Fredericton on Easter Sunday. 2000 people were..Read More

Apr 1988

Forum on Abortion Held at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John campus

April 30, 1988   Hosted by Choix NB Choice, an organization consisting of approximately ninety members in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton, the Forum on Abortion was intended to be..Read More

Apr 1989

New Brunswick Court Decides in Dr. Morgentaler’s Favour in Morgentaler v New Brunswick (1989)

April 13, 1989 In the first of several legal challenges to the province of New Brunswick, Dr. Morgentaler sought reimbursement for three abortions performed on New Brunswick women at his..Read More

May 1989

New Brunswick Provincial Government Adds Abortion to Reg. 84-20 of the Medical Services Payment Act

May 5, 1989 Following their loss in Morgentaler v New Brunswick (1989), McKenna’s Liberal government added abortions to the Reg. 84-20, Sched 2 list of services that are not covered..Read More

May 1989

First Freestanding Abortion Clinic in Atlantic Canada Opens in Halifax, Nova Scotia

May 24, 1989 In March of 1989, the government of Nova Scotia made legal amendments similar to those in New Brunswick, which prohibited the provision of, and denied funding for,..Read More

Oct 1989

Moncton region clergy held protest at the Moncton City Hospital

October 2nd, 1989   A small group of members of the clergy held an anti-abortion protest outside of the Moncton City Hospital. Prior to the Supreme Court of Canada’s overturning..Read More

May 1990

House Passes Bill C-43 Attempting to Recriminalize Abortion

May 29, 1990 The House of Commons passed Bill C-43. If passed into law, C-43 would have imposed criminal sanctions for doctors who provided abortions not deemed “medically necessary” to..Read More

Jan 1991

Bill C-43 is Defeated in the Senate

January 31st, 1991   The Senate defeats Bill C-43 in a tie vote. Click the image below to see the enlarged version.   Temporary photo   Click the circles below..Read More

Sep 1993

Supreme Court Issues Decision in R v Morgentaler (1993) in Favour of Dr. Morgentaler

September 30th, 1993   Following a prolonged legal battle between the government of Nova Scotia and Dr. Morgentaler, the Supreme Court of Canada found in favour of Dr. Morgentaler that..Read More

Mar 1994

Dr. Morgentaler is Licensed to Practise Medicine in New Brunswick

March 11, 1994   Dr. Morgentaler received his New Brunswick medical license on March 11. Source: Morgentaler v New Brunswick (Attorney General), [1994] NBJ No 342  

Apr 1994

Dr. Morgentaler Challenges Law Prohibiting Abortions Outside of Hospitals

April 22, 1994   On April 22nd, Dr. Morgentaler instituted a legal challenge to Reg. 84-20 and to the 1985 amendments to the NB Medical Act that prohibited abortions outside..Read More

Jun 1994

Dr. Morgentaler Challenges Law Prohibiting Abortions Outside of Hospitals

June 28th, 1994   Dr. Morgentaler opened his Fredericton, NB clinic in June 1994 and on the 28th, he performed the first five abortions there. On the same day, the..Read More

Jul 1994

New Brunswick College of Physicians and Surgeons Restricts Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s License at the Request of the Province

July 5th, 1994   In response to Dr. Henry Morgentaler performing abortions at his newly opened Clinic in Fredericton, the province used the powers granted to them by their amendments..Read More

Sep 1994

Court Issues Decision on Morgentaler v New Brunswick (1994), Ruling in Favour of Dr. Morgentaler

September 14th, 1994   Dr. Morgentaler constitutional challenge was successful. The trial court found that “the impugned sections of the Medical Act were enacted by the Legislature, not with a..Read More

Jan 1995

New Brunswick Court of Appeal Rejects New Brunswick Government Appeal of Morgentaler v New Brunswick (1994) Decision

January 23rd, 1995   The New Brunswick Court of Appeal rejected the province’s appeal. The majority of the appellate judges agreed with the findings of the trial judge and saw..Read More

Jun 1995

CARAL Throws Anniversary Celebration of the Opening of the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic

June 24th, 1995   Dr. Henry Morgentaler and CARAL New Brunswick celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic, including a call for donations to Dr...Read More

Aug 1995

Supreme Court of Canada rejects New Brunswick Government’s Appeal of Morgentaler v New Brunswick (1994) Decision

August 17th, 1995   The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the New Brunswick government’s application for leave to appeal the Court of Appeal’s judgment in Morgentaler v New Brunswick (NB..Read More

Feb 1997

New Brunswick Removes 1985 Sanctions Against Doctors Performing Abortions Outside of Approved Hospitals

February 28th, 1997   The McKenna Liberal government passed An Act to Amend An Act Respecting the New Brunswick Medical Society and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New..Read More

May 1998

Liberal Leader Camille Thériault Appointed 29th Premier

May 2, 1998   Camille Thériault was elected Liberal Leader on May 2 and appointed Premier on May 14, 1998. Served until June 21, 1999.  

Jun 1999

General Election, Bernard Lord, Conservative, Elected 30th Premier

June 7, 1999   Bernard Lord, Conservative leader elected Premier, with campaign focus on bilingualism, small government, and tax cuts. Served until October 3, 2006.        

Jul 2003

Dr. Morgentaler Launches Charter Challenge of Reg. 84-20

July 16th, 2003   Dr. Morgentaler launched his final case against the province of New Brunswick, challenging the constitutionality of Regulation 84-20 under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms...Read More

May 2006

Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital Stops Providing Abortions

May 2006   In May 2006, the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital (DECH) in Fredericton announced that it would stop providing abortions due to “physician-resource issues.” At that time the DECH..Read More

Sep 2006

General Election, Shawn Graham Liberal, Elected the 31st Premier

September 18, 2006   Shawn Graham, Liberal leader elected Premier. Served until September 2010.    

May 2007

Province Challenges Dr Morgentaler’s Standing to Sue; Pro-Choice Advocates Rally in Support of Dr. Morgentaler on First Day of Hearing

May 16, 2007   The Rally was organized by an ad hoc group, Abortion Access (NB), with support from: The Morgentaler Clinic, Fredericton Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, Law Students for..Read More

Jul 2008

Dr. Henry Morgentaler Receives the Order of Canada

July 1st, 2008   Dr. Henry Morgentaler was one of seventy-five Canadians given the Order of Canada in 2008 in recognition of his work advancing women’s rights. His induction caused..Read More

Aug 2008

New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench Issues Judgment in Favour of Dr. Morgentaler’s Standing to Sue

August 1, 2008   After a 15-month wait since the hearing, the judge granted Dr. Morgentaler public interest standing, permitting his lawsuit to proceed. The province appealed.    

Oct 2008

Fredericton Doctor Files Complaint with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission

October 28, 2008   In 2008, a Fredericton-based doctor filed a human rights complaint with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. This complaint addressed the barriers to abortion provision in..Read More

May 2009

Court of Appeal Affirms Lower Court Decision on Standing

May 21, 2009   The Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed the province’s appeal of Dr. Morgentaler’s public interest standing.    

Sep 2010

General Election, David Alward, Conservative, Elected 32nd Premier

September 27th, 2010   David Alward, Conservative leader elected Premier. Served from 2010-2014.    

Apr 2011

David Alward Abolishes New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women

April 1st, 2011   Alward’s Conservative government abolished the Advisory Council on the Status of Women in the 2011 provincial budget. They decided to absorb the tasks of the NB..Read More

May 2011

Board of Inquiry Appointed to Hear Fredericton Doctor’s Complaint to the NB Human Rights Commission

May 5, 2011   A Fredericton doctor complained to the NB Human Rights Commission (See October 28, 2008). After investigation, the Commission recommended that the complaint proceed to a hearing,..Read More

May 2013

Death of Dr. Morgentaler

May 29th, 2013   Dr. Henry Morgentaler died of a heart attack at the age of ninety, leaving behind a decades-long legacy of abortion advocacy across Canada. Click the image..Read More

Jul 2013

Fredericton Youth Feminists form Collective

July 2013   A group of thirty high school and university students formed a collective of young feminists to create avenues for young people to get involved in feminist actions..Read More

Nov 2013

Court of Appeal Dismisses Fredericton Doctor’s Motion for an Extension of Time to File an Appeal.

November 2013   The Court of Appeal’s decision meant that the Human Rights Complaint could not proceed.  

Apr 2014

Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic Announces Closure due to Lack of Funds

April 10, 2014   Following Dr. Morgentaler’s death in 2013, the combination of paying for abortion services at the clinic for those who could not afford it alongside decades of..Read More

Apr 2014

Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic Announces that Dr Morgentaler’s Lawsuit Against the Province of New Brunswick will be Discontinued

April 15, 2014     Following Dr. Morgentaler’s death, his family instructed his lawyer to file a notice of discontinuance for his 12-year legal proceeding against the province of New..Read More

Apr 2014

Fredericton Youth Feminists Organize Protest Rally at NB Legislature, Attracting 700 People

April 17, 2014   At a rally organized by Fredericton Youth Feminists, Liberal Opposition Leader Brian Gallant said he was pushing the government to review the province’s abortion regulations. This..Read More

May 2014

Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada Expresses Support for Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic

May 1, 2014     Dr. Ward Murdock, President of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, and CEO Dr. Jennifer Blake, wrote to Minister of Health Hugh (Ted)..Read More

Jul 2014

Reproductive Justice New Brunswick launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Keep the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic Open

July 4, 2014   The initial goal of $100,000 was surpassed as of August 2, 2014. The campaign raised $136,000 from over 1,500 contributors after Globe & Mail columnist Elizabeth..Read More

Jul 2014

Reproductive Justice New Brunswick and Fredericton Youth Feminists Hold Rally on Day of Clinic Closure

July 18, 2014     The Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic officially closed on July 18, 2014. On the same day, members of Reproductive Justice New Brunswick and the Fredericton Youth Feminists..Read More

Sep 2014

General Election, Brian Gallant, Liberal, Elected 33rd Premier

September 22, 2014     Brian Gallant, Liberal leader, was elected Premier and served from 2014 to 2018. One of his campaign promises was to remove all barriers to abortion..Read More

Nov 2014

New Brunswick Provincial Government Announces Amendment to Regulation 84-20

February 13th, 1988     The Gallant Liberal government introduced an amendment to Regulation 84-20, which would come into effect on January 1, 2015, to remove the requirement that a..Read More

Dec 2014

Reproductive Justice New Brunswick Rallies First Day of Liberal Premier Gallant’s Government

December 3, 2014   A rally was organized to demand public funding of abortion clinics, public funding for all reproductive health services, and the complete repeal of Regulation 84-20.  ..Read More

Jan 2015

Horizon Health Authority Announces Intent to Provide Procedural Abortions at Second Hospital in Moncton

January 2015     The Horizon Health Network announced that a second hospital in Moncton, the Moncton Hospital, would be approved to provide abortions. This facility is located across the..Read More

Jan 2015

Clinic 554 Announces Opening in Fredericton

January 16, 2015   In addition to providing abortions, Clinic 554 announced that it would “take on 600 patients who are currently awaiting a family doctor in Fredericton and will..Read More

Jul 2015

Health Canada Approves Mifegymiso for Use in Canada

July 30, 2015     Health Canada announced that it approved the RU-486 abortion pill Mifegymiso for use in Canada on July 15, 2015. Pregnant patients would need a doctor’s..Read More

Oct 2015

Federal Election, Justin Trudeau, Liberal, Elected 29th Prime Minister of Canada, Majority Government

October 19, 2015   Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader, was elected Prime Minister with a majority (184 seats in Parliament).    

Nov 2015

Reproductive Justice New Brunswick Hosts “Naught-Aversary” Party

November 26, 2015   The event was organized to provide some relief for activists and to draw attention to the lack of government action since the amendment of Regulation 84-20..Read More

Feb 2016

Health Canada Mentions “Concern” About NB and PEI Abortion Policies

February 4, 2016   Abortion provision in NB, as well as PEI, was first identified as an issue of “concern” in the Canada Health Annual Report for 2014-2015. Health Canada..Read More

Jan 2017

Premier Brian Gallant Announces Plans to Expand Abortion Services

January 9, 2017   In an editorial meeting with Acadie Nouvelle, then-Premier Brian Gallant (Liberal) disclosed plans to extend abortion provision services across New Brunswick. Without providing much substantive detail,..Read More

Apr 2017

New Brunswick Announces Plan to Make Mifegymiso Free

April 4, 2017   First approved for use in Canada in July 2015, Mifegymiso is a two-drug combination for terminating pregnancy in the first nine weeks. Without health insurance, the..Read More

Sep 2018

General Election, Blaine Higgs, Conservative Elected 34th Premier

February 13th, 1988   Blaine Higgs, Conservative leader, was elected Premier and served from 2018 through the time of publication (2023).      

Apr 2019

Health Canada Removes Ultrasound Requirement from Mifegymiso Prescription Guidelines

April 16, 2019 Until April 16, 2019, patients were required to undergo an ultrasound examination prior to the prescription of Mifegymiso. The ultrasound was used to determine the gestational age..Read More

Jul 2019

Federal Minister of Health writes to NB Health Minister Regarding Potential Penalties for Patient Charges for Abortion

July 2019 (Published February 24, 2020)     The Health Canada Annual Report 2018-2019 reiterated the concern from the previous year’s report regarding comprehensiveness and accessibility. Health Canada stated that..Read More

Oct 2019

Clinic 554 Announces Impending Closure

October 10, 2019     Dr. Adrian Edgar released a statement announcing the impending closure of Clinic 554 – the sole abortion provider in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The statement cited..Read More

Oct 2019

The Trudeau Liberal Government Pledges to Ensure Clinic Abortions are Funded in New Brunswick

October 15, 2019   During a campaign stop in Fredericton, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Liberal) participated in a debate on abortion access. Trudeau stated that if re-elected, he would “ensure”..Read More

Oct 2019

Federal Election, Justin Trudeau, Liberal, Re-elected Prime Minister of Canada, Minority Government

October 21, 2019     Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader, was re-elected Prime Minister of Canada and served from 2019 through the time of publication (2023). The Liberal party won 157..Read More

Oct 2019

Horizon Health Board of Directors Presents Memo to GNB Urging Them to Allow Funding for Abortion Services Outside of Hospitals

October 24, 2019     Horizon Health Network, New Brunswick’s English-language health authority, passed a motion in support of Clinic 554. The board committed to advocating to the provincial government..Read More

Mar 2020

Federal Government Cuts Health Transfer Payment to NB by $140,000+ for Lack of Abortion Access

March 2020   In the Canada Health Annual Report for 2019-2020, New Brunswick was officially found to be non-compliant with the Canada Health Act for its failure to fund abortions..Read More

Apr 2020

Federal Government Gives $140,000+ to NB Because of Pandemic

April 2020   The federal government reimbursed the $140,612 deduction because of the additional costs to the medical system caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.    

Jul 2020

Federal Government agrees to $200M Transfer to New Brunswick for COVID-19 Efforts

July 17, 2020   In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government agreed to transfer $200 million to the province of New Brunswick to bolster the healthcare system.  ..Read More

Aug 2020

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Chalmers Regional Hospital in Fredericton Writes to Health Minister Flemming in Support of Clinic 554

August 25, 2020   The chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Dr. Edward Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Hugh..Read More

Sep 2020

Activists Call for Direct Clinic 554 Funding

September 25, 2020   Activist groups called on the federal government to transfer the funds directly to Clinic 554 so it could re-open.        

Sep 2020

Clinic 554 Closes to Most Patients

September 30, 2020   Abortion services continued.   Despite the sale of the clinic building, Clinic 554 was able to continue limited care for patients with complex cases. However, the..Read More

Jan 2021

Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) Commences Lawsuit Against New Brunswick

January 6, 2021   The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) commenced a lawsuit against the government of New Brunswick. The CCLA claimed that Reg. 84-20 restricts abortion access in a..Read More

Feb 2021

Federal Government Cuts Health Transfer Payment to NB for Lack of Abortion Access and Doesn’t Give it Back

February 2021   The Health Canada Annual Report showed that the Trudeau Liberal government reinstated the $140,612 deduction from NB’s Canada Health Act transfer. The federal government held back an..Read More

Jul 2021

Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) Granted Standing in Lawsuit Against the Government of New Brunswick

June 1, 2021   The New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench held that the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) had standing to pursue its reproductive justice claim against the province...Read More

Aug 2021

Federal Government Announces Funding for Research Project “Clinic 554 and Abortion Access in New Brunswick”

August 3, 2021   The federal government awarded funding for this interdisciplinary research project to gather accurate and current information about access and barriers to abortion in New Brunswick.  ..Read More

Mar 2022

Federal Government Cuts Health Transfer Payment to NB for Lack of Abortion Access Once Again

March 2022   In the Canada Health Annual Report for 2021-2022, New Brunswick was again determined to be non-compliant in its abortion provision regulations. In March 2022, the province again..Read More

Mar 2023

Federal Government Announces Its Plan to “Claw Back” $1.3M from New Brunswick Healthcare Transfers

March 10, 2023     The federal government announced its plan to reclaim nearly $1.3 million from New Brunswick’s $1 billion Health Transfer payment for fees that residents paid to..Read More


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